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Can you remember how you felt when you got your ears pierced?

Customer brought her daughter down to shop yesterday to get her ears pierced on her 6th birthday.

The girl selected her 9ct crystal flower earrings and sat still while jacqui and sarah pierced her ears simultaneously and she didnt feel a thing.

She was having a party that night and could not wait to show her friends she was a big girl with her ears pierced.

Can you remember how you felt when you got your ears pierced?

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Do you drop hints for new jewellery at Christmas?

A beautiful ring inspired by patterns in Marrakesh.
A little treat from Tiffany & Co from Santa perhaps? Do you drop hints for new jewellery at Christmas?


Do you know what your birthstone is?

Choosing jewellery by birthstone is a popular choice for customers in the shop.

Do you have jewellery with your birthstone?


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Commissioned Opal Ring – 21st Birthday Gift

Customer brought in a beautiful Opal and asked us to set it into a ring for his grand daughter’s 21st Birthday.

We made the setting by hand and the finished item looks stunning.



Family heirloom restored ready for next generation

What a great 21st birthday present. Customer brought in a diamond solitaire ring for repair, the diamond was about to fall out as the claws were so worn.

The diamond ring is a family heirloom which has great sentimental value, the ring is to be passed onto the next generation as a 21st birthday present.

We retipped the claws and cleaned up the ring and it looks like new again, ready for the next custodian.


21st birthday gift

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