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Cartier Ruby and Diamond Ring for auction

Wow – anybody got a spare $700,000-$900,00 for this ruby and diamond ring by cartier to be sold at auction?

cartier ruby diamond ring


Spotted anything you like on the Cartier website for Christmas?

Another item for my Cartier Christmas List – oh and there are matching rings and earrings..

Anybody spotted anything they like on the Cartier website for Christmas? Leave your hints here for Santa!


cartier love bracelet

Hello Santa.. can you hear me?

cartier necklace

Hello Santa.. can you hear me?
Cheaper than last week’s hint at only £2,050. Anybody else want to add this to their list?


Cartier Trinity Ring Fact

Cartier Trinity Ring Fact – Three bands intertwined for hamony.

3 colours of gold – pink for love, yellow for fidelity and white for friendship.

This ring is beautiful! “Santa are you reading this post” hint, hint for xmas


cartier trinity ring meaning

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