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Chain and Bracelet Repairs Special Offer

Chain and Bracelet Repairs.

June special offer 15% discount offer available instore and by post (p&p charges will apply).

We have an express service available £5 for 1hr instore / same day postal return



Fine Curb Chain Worth Repairing? Yes!!

A lady was advised by a high street jeweller that her very fine curb chain was not worth repairing as it was so fine.

The chain had sentimental value and wanted it repaired.

The chain was brought into our workshop and we repaired and cleaned it within an hour. Customer delighted and wont be wearing it near her grand-daughter again in case she breaks the chain again!

Repair or Remove? We can repair

Customer was advised by another jeweller that she would have to remove 3 broken links in her curb chain (links worn due to weight of pendant).

Our jeweller, Sarah built up the links by adding gold solder to the worn area. The chain was cleaned, buffed and polished and was like brand new.

Customer was delighted when she saw the repair work.



“Can you fix my fine gold chain?”

This is one of the most popular questions we are asked in the shop.

Many customers think fine chains can’t be fixed and throw them in the bin!

The Jewellery Doctor can repair them. We offer jewellery repairs instore and by post



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