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Beautiful pendants from Boodles – which one would you choose?

We love this fantasy jewellery shopping!

Which pendant would you choose (£2400-£3200) – Blue Topaz, Pink Tourmaline or Green Peridot?

Boodles has a great website


Boodles Savoy Pendant


Looking for unique christmas gifts?

We have some beautiful necklaces and earrings designed and handmade by our Jeweller Sarah.

For sale in the shop and on Etsy.  Prices start £15.99


etsy handmade jewellery

New Handbag for your Christmas List?

Oh new Mullberry handbag from Santa anyone?
What colour would you choose? This is gorgeous – hello santa can you hear me?


mullberry handbag


Spotted anything you like on the Cartier website for Christmas?

Another item for my Cartier Christmas List – oh and there are matching rings and earrings..

Anybody spotted anything they like on the Cartier website for Christmas? Leave your hints here for Santa!


cartier love bracelet

Hello Santa.. can you hear me?

cartier necklace

Hello Santa.. can you hear me?
Cheaper than last week’s hint at only £2,050. Anybody else want to add this to their list?


Beautiful bracelets and earrings for christmas gifts

We have a lovely range of jewellery in the shop all handmade by our jeweller Sarah.

Shamballa style bracelets in great designs with genuine Swarovski crystal beads and braided leather with necklaces and earrings to match.  Sarah can make items to order if you prefer specific colours, prices from £9.99.

Sarah leather braided bracelets

Who would like this from santa?

Who would like this from santa? It is beautiful, out of my price range …

cartier trinity ring


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