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Diamond ring remodelled into pendants

Customer had 2 Diamond signet rings that he no longer wore but were very sentimental. He had an idea to take the stones from the rings and have them made into pendants to give to his wife.

We decided on a design and created two 23 inch trace chains in 9ct white gold with each Diamond set into a rub over setting. The finished chains looked great.



diamond white gold necklace




Avoid replacing diamonds in your ring

Diamond repairs to your ring can be avoided by regularly checking your diamond ring setting.

The most common reason for a stone falling out is damage or everyday wear and tear to the claws which hold the stone in the ring setting. If you have a claw setting around your diamonds or precious stones you should check the tips are not worn and there are no missing claws.

diamond ring setting retipped

If you discover there is a problem and you need your diamond ring repaired the Jewellery Doctor can help via our postal repair service.


Avoid damage to your ring, lost diamonds or precious stones

To avoid damage to your ring, lost diamonds or precious stones. Bring your ring or any stone set jewellery into the shop and we can give a free assessment (usually while you wait).

We check for signs of damage/wear and tear, identifying any weak spots, missing claws or damage to the ring setting.

Any problems discovered can then be fixed before they get serious.

This can give you peace of mind that your precious jewellery is in good health. (Also available by post, however post charges will apply).


missing stones or diamonds

Missing diamonds or stones in your jewellery?

Missing diamonds or stones from your jewellery?


platinum eternity ring reset diamond

How many carats in your diamonds – use this simple chart to find out

How many carats in your diamonds? Compare diamond sizes with this easy chart.


diamond size chart

February Birthstone is Amethyst

Our sale is running till end of Feb and this ring is currently £59.99.

We offer postal service if you can’t make it to the store.


amethyst birthstone ring february

amethyst diamond2

And the winner is….

The winner of this beautiful diamond solitaire ring is Jane Townson – congratulations Jane!!!

Amazing number of entries – just under 10,000 people entered the competition.

We will be running a competition again soon so keep checking news feed.

win diamond solitaire ring in competition

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