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Diamond ring remodelled into pendants

Customer had 2 Diamond signet rings that he no longer wore but were very sentimental. He had an idea to take the stones from the rings and have them made into pendants to give to his wife.

We decided on a design and created two 23 inch trace chains in 9ct white gold with each Diamond set into a rub over setting. The finished chains looked great.



diamond white gold necklace




Repair, Remodel, Recycle your Jewellery


Dont let your unwanted jewellery lie in a box – give it life again

At the Jewellery Doctor we don’t just repair jewellery – we bring them back to life.

If you have broken or unwanted jewellery lying around have you thought about turning it into a new piece of jewellery?

2 of our remodel projects as an example:-

  • Customer had an amethyst ring she didn’t wear and we turned it into a lovely pendant for a necklace (see image above)
  • Many pieces have sentiment attached but they cant be worn in current condition – such as the wedding ring that was made for a gentleman that was cut from his father’s signet ring (in photo gallery – near the bottom of the page)

Recycling your jewellery

The price of gold has rocketed in the last few years and you may be surprised at the value of unwanted items sitting in your house.  These items can be traded in/cashed in and can be put towards creating a new piece of jewellery.

Scrap gold buyers should accept any precious metal eg gold, silver and platinum.  The value of silver is very low and costume jewellery has no value.

If this post has got your wheels turning – we buy old jewellery  and provide estimates free of charge -instore and by post.

Our jewellery re-modelling service is also available instore and by post.

If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to email or call the shop.


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